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Specialized for productivity improvement.

Cutting tool coordination

We design and optimize cutting tools to fit your machining process.

Small/Large lot available

We accept order in small to large lot sizes.

Wide variety of shapes

We provide tools not only with long and tapered flute. Composite tools such as step tool and formed tool are available too.


We provide regrinding and recoating of tools regardless of the manufacturer.

What is cutting coordination ?


  • I want to enhance machining accuracy.
  • I want to reduce production tact time.
  • I don't know which tool is suitable for this machining.
  • Production costs too much due to poor tool life.
  • I cannot reduce running cost only by considering unit price of tool.


C-Wave cutting tool coordination contributes to cost reduction for you.

Production Flow

1. Inquiry

Please inquire by telephone, fax, e-mail or other means.

2. Confirm the blade dimensions

Confirm the cutting conditions
Confirm the current cutting environment (machines, tooling, clamps, etc.)

3. Obtain approval, submit quotation

Submit proposal (specification, recommended cutting conditions, approved plan), provide delivery date and quotation

3-1. Produce prototype

Submit prototype
Review the prototype on-site (confirm processing time & quality)

4. Order

Confirm order

5. Production

5-1. Coating

Perform coating treatment (depending on the material and conditions of the object to be cut)

6. Inspection & delivery

Propose recommended cutting conditions
Deliver cutting tools
Submit invoice

Past example

A 220mm vertical face protruding cutter
We received an inquiry on how to perform miller cutter processing on the vertical face of a 175mm high work piece.

We will provide a quotation based on materials and product specifications.
Please feel free to inquire with any questions you may have.