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Milling consultation

Our company utilizes our cutting tool development know-how to propose a cutting environment that meets our customers' needs. Cutting machines and tooling are an indispensable part of the daily work of our customers involved in cutting processing, and we believe many may be struggling with the improvement and reform of the process.

We visit our customers on-site, understand the issues they are facing, gather data on aspects such as the machinery, tooling, jig, and cutting oil, and utilize that data to propose the optimal tools and cutting conditions.

We carry out an on-site trial of the prototype, and can also undertake test processing in-house at our company.


1. Confirm the current conditions

Understand the current production conditions (facility & equipment, processing diagram, materials), and analyze the tooling, cutting work, and processing methods

2. Inspect processing

Perform a total review of the cutting layout, and select the tools to be used
Perform trial prototype processing at our in-house technical center (fee applies)

3. Propose improvements

Submit an improvement proposal
Submit a price quotation (cutting tool quotation, contingency fee quotation)

4. Produce prototype, test, and move to production

Perform an on-site trial run with the actual equipment (confirm reduction of takt time and product quality)
Confirm the test results, review & correct the layout and cutting tools, and produce & submit a data sheet

5. Delivery

Submit an improvement results report (calculate annual improvement cost benefits)
Deliver cutting tools
Submit invoice for contingency fee

We will provide a quotation based on materials and product specifications.
Please feel free to inquire with any questions you may have.