About us

Since our founding in 1952, Uno Corporation has come to provide special carbide end mills and cutting tools for the metal processing industry. Uno is highly respected in the automotive, aviation, construction, and electronic components industries, which demand especially high accuracy. With our accumulated experience, and a track record of enabling cost reductions through high precision and high-speed machining, we are currently one of the leaders in the cutting tool industry.


Uno's mission is to always solve issues on production sites, using our proprietary innovative cutting tools. We always handle client requests with the best attitude, and creating long-lasting relationships with partners is important to us. Providing our customers with inspiration and satisfaction and giving them smiles is our permanent mission.

How we differ from other companies

Our most important advantage is that we are always developing new processing technologies closely related to users. In order to accomplish this, we have our own processing plant and carry out user trial processing, and die and jig component processing. We improve our processing technologies daily, and provide these to users. Meanwhile, we have global sales and stock networks in Asia, Europe, and America, and there is no other company in the massive Japanese manufacturing industry that can compare to Uno when it comes to the excellent ability we demonstrate on both fronts.

An expert group

Using our know-how from the development of state-of-the-art cutting tools, we offer a cutting environment that suits diverse customer needs. We understand problems faced when cutting, and propose the optimal tools and cutting conditions based on data gathered from aspects such as the machinery, tooling, jigs, and cutting oil.

Message from the President

Toshio Uno, President

Uno Corporation's management philosophy is "Developing human resources and contributing to manufacturing," meaning that we focus our efforts on fostering human resources who can contribute to manufacturing, and seek customer satisfaction. In doing so, we are ultimately also able to contribute to society. For us to accomplish this, cooperative relationships both inside and outside of the company, and within Japan and overseas, are extremely important, and we are aiming for a business model where we can provide the same level of service to all of our customers, wherever, whenever, and with speed, overcoming boundaries.

27, 105 Iehisa-cho, Echizen, Fukui 915-0801 JAPAN

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